ABOUT TheIceTrap
The Ice Trap is a simple mechanism which attaches to a straw and makes iced drinks significantly colder, less diluted, and generally a more refreshing and enjoyable experience. Once people use this product, they will never look at soft drinks the same.

I invented the product in early 2000 and have only recently been awarded the patent in 2011. With a second patent pending, which is an expansion of the first patent, we are excited to share The Ice Trap with the world.

The Ice Trap solves a problem which has evaded consumers for a long time. Unlike many new inventions and innovations which push the limits of technology, my invention is rather basic and solves a fundamental flaw in one of our most favorite institutions, the soft drink, and is quite obvious. The ice in a drink floats, while straws suck the liquid from bottom of the drink.

Many of us have experienced this dilemma first hand. On a hot sunny day, you get a popular antidote, an ice cold drink, only to find your straw sticking out of the top of the lid, with the lower end of the straw fishing for the ice on the surface of the drink. This is because the liquid at the surface of the soft drink is the coolest, as this is the liquid closest to the ice. We can therefore say the liquid at the bottom of drink is the warmest, as this is the liquid which is the furthest away from the ice.

The Ice Trap alleviates this problem by trapping the ice and keeping it confined at the end of the straw at all times. Not only does this give the consumer the most coldest possible drink, it also makes the drink require less ice, makes the drink less diluted, allows the drink to last longer, and saves energy as less ice will need to be manufactured.